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Best Dvd Copy Software

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 Best Dvd Copy Software - What To Look For!

Would you like to know what to look for in the Best Dvd Copy Software available on the market, what is it that you need to know about these diverse programs that you should be looking for in order for you to choose the best?

Besides the basic features such as quality of picture, speed, and overall ease of use, there are other features that you definitely want to have such as intergrated CSS decryption, episodic support, and dual layer support. Let's take a deeper look into the basic and more advanced features you should be looking at when buying your dvd copy software.

As mentioned above, the basics of any dvd copy software that you'll want to pay attention to are picture quality, speed, and how easy the software program is to use. Naturally you'll want the best in picture quality, and when it comes to speed, well, that may not be quite as high on your list, but if a program can give you great quality and speed, that is a great combination.

Lastly, when it comes to an easy to use dvd copy software program, there are only two that rise to the top of the pack, and they are Dvd Cloner 6 and 1Click Dvd Copy, where you can copy any dvd with one click of the mouse. Well, almost! Now, on to the more important features that you really need to make sure your dvd copy software has.

The primary feature that any of the best dvd copy software has is called CSS decryption, which allows you to copy encrypted dvds. If you've ever used a program that doesn't have this kind of decryption, you'll find that you can't copy many newer dvds due to the protection they have built in. Dvd Cloner 6 is the master when it comes to in-built CSS decryption.

On top of the CSS decryption, there is one dvd copy software that offers what is called SmartAnalyserô technology, which is an enhanced protection removal technology that is offered only by Dvd Cloner 6. This enhanced protection enables you to copy the latest movies, a feature that many other copy software programs can have a problem with.

A couple of the other features that you will find the in the best dvd copy software programs will include what is called Episodic Support.This simply means that the program is capable of copying discs that have several episodes, say for a television show, on one disc. In other words, it won't have any problems identifying all of the different episodes to copy and burn together, just like they are on the original disc.

Also there is Dual Layer Support, which simply means that if you have Dual Layer Disc blanks, you can burn on both sides of the disc, like you'd want to.

Last, but not least, depending on what you are wanting to use your dvd copy software for, you can find some, like Dvd neXT Copy Pro that offer the ability to copy your DVD movies to your iPod, Playstation Portable (PSP), or your Microsoft Zune. Or, for those of you that are interested in creating backup copies of your XBOX or Playstation2 games, Dvd Wizard Pro is one of the few dvd copy software that offers that ability.

When it comes to finding the Best Dvd Copy Software available, there are a lot of features that you are going to want. For those of you looking for something that is easy to use, quick, and gives you quality, then Dvd Cloner 6 and 1Click Dvd Copy are the best choices. However, for those of you that are looking for game copying or putting movies onto a mobile device, you're going to want Dvd neXT Copy Pro or Dvd Wizard Pro respectively. It all depends on what you want to do with your copying software as to what will work best for you.

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