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Copying Protected Dvd Movies | Naughty Naughty

So you want to copy your protected dvd movies? Well you'll need the best dvd copy software to do it and we've reviewed all of the best and created a full report for you. What are you waiting for? Visit my website and find out what are the very best and easiest software to use is. There are certain states where it is illegal to copy encrypted dvd 's. However, I recently read that in some states, it is not actually illegal to make a copy of an encrypted dvd, but it is illegal to remove or interfere with the css script. Which is a kind of of 'catch 22' senario, as it is not possible to make a copy of an encrypted dvd without first removing the css script. So now you know. I just thought it may be of some interest to you anyway! Best wishes. Tony M.

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